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Terzo seminario CAM: I vantaggi premiali

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I 25 principi dell'edilizia bioecologica di IBN

ANAB traduce in italiano i 25 principi del costruire sano

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ANAB (Associazione Nazionale Architettura Bioecologica) is the first and one of the most relevant Italian associations concerning with sustainable building. It involves about 5000 various professionals and operators all over Italy.

ANAB was established in 1989 by a group of architectural designers and professionals, who were conscious of the challenge thrown by the environmental delicate situation to the culture system and to the building sector. Since 25 years it has been working on proposals and upgrades of architectural design and city planning and even on the spread of case studies concerning sustainable and natural architecture.

According to ANAB, sustainable architecture concerns life protection. For this reason architects and urban planners should be health conscious towards people who use and live in buildings and able to create constructions and inhabited places performing as living organisms (biology). In the same way they should be committed to achieve an harmonious balance between built and natural environment from all points of view (ecology).

ANAB considers that the relationship between architecture and life should be again the core topic of sustainable architecture and in this contest every solution should be directed to the simplest and most ethic principles and actions. ANAB recommends that all the professionals working about buildings or territory changes should consider zero or low energy environmental balances and draw inspiration by natural processes. ANAB has coined the expression “natural architecture” in order to distance itself from greenwashing practices and from all the operators who claim that their products or services are sustainable when, in all actuality, it may not be. The aim is to go over the sense of architecture in order to give it a new meaning, by taking a stand on interdisciplinary researches and studies.

In order to evolve building and planning practice in this way ANAB provides the following services :

- PROMOTION AND SPREAD of natural architecture principles and models (through seminars, conferences, events, exhibitions, publications, study tours, etc. )

 - SPECIALIZING EDUCATION AND TRAINING addressed to designers and professionals who work in the building sector, aimed at updating the ecological awareness of their job, at giving them suitable cultural and working tools and at developing appropriate expertise

- CONSTRUCTION SYSTEMS' AND BUILDING MATERIALS' SUSTAINABLE CERTIFICATION trough the development of protocols which take into account supply chains and the whole life cycle of each component ( two certification labels concerning both building products - Prodotto certificato per la bioedilizia ANAB-ICEA Natureplus - and furnishings - Prodotto certificato per il bioarredo ANAB-ICEA)

- SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT TOOLS according to criteria which involve a whole sustainability content, concerning environmental, economical and social issues (ANAB Protocol for the comprehensive environmental evaluation of building projects SB100).

Within those activities ANAB organizes programs, plans and activities independently or in collaboration with professional orders, public and local authorities, associations, research, vocational training and adult education bodies, and environmental associations inside and outside Italy. Recently, by taking advantage from historical links to the main international organizations dealing with building environmental sustainability ( as IBN, SIB, IBO, ECOHB and NATUREPLUS), ANAB has set up international projects and partnerships (as Inater e Leonardo).

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SEDE LEGALE via Cipro 30 25124 Brescia - Italia - Contatti: tel. 06 51604667 - fax 06 51882448
PARTITA IVA / CODICE FISCALE 02392730160 - IBAN: IT 40 W 02008 11220 000100461946